Stop Undermining Your Credibility with This One Word

sign-731314_1920Words matter. High caliber communicators choose their words wisely. High caliber communicators know choosing the wrong word, misusing words, or even using “non-words” like “irregardless,” can undermine their credibility and impact career success. They seek to use the words that most accurately express what they are trying to convey.

Even some of the most experienced communicators can inadvertently undermine their credibility and success from time to time.  Have you ever said things such as:

  • I’m anxious for the new system to be installed?
  • I’m anxious to see how this turns out?
  • I’m anxious to get this project started?

If so, you may be sending a message of fear, uncertainty, worry, and uneasiness.  And, if you are trying to inspire and lead, sending a message of anxiety is a poor choice.  Instead choose:

  • I’m eager for the new system to be installed.
  • I’m eager to see how this turns out.
  • I’m eager to get this project started.

While anxious and eager are often considered synonymous, the message they send can be completely different. Using eager sends a message of excitement, positive anticipation, and energy.

Take a close look at your language.  Are you saying anxious when you are actually eager?  Words matter. Choose yours wisely to be a high caliber communicator.

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Pamela Jett is a communication skills and leadership expert who knows that words matter! In her keynote presentations, workshops, books and online learning programs, she moves beyond communication theory into practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to create the kind of leadership, teamwork, and employee engagement results her clients want.

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