Employee Engagement is Everyone’s Job

by Pamela Jett, CSP

Research indicates that only 1 in 5 employees is actively engaged at work.   What a scary statistic!  We are in the midst of an employee engagement crisis.  I believe we as individuals are the key to improving engagement.  Employee engagement is everyone’s job.  Regardless of our position or job title, we are each tasked with helping others know that what they do matters.  Here are 3 key actions, all revolving around communication, to engage in today to help others feel more engaged at work.

  1. Catch people, your colleagues and those you might lead, in the act of doing something right! When you notice someone doing a good job, tell them so.  This doesn’t have to be formal or over-worked.  Simply say “I like that” or “you did a great job on that – I’m impressed.”  Help people feel good about their contributions.  The more people feel like someone notices or cares about what they are doing, the more rewarding and hence, more engaging, the task is.
  2. When someone does something for you or to help you – say “thank you.” Basic good manners matter.  Even if what they have done is small, it is still a great employee engagement strategy to say “thank you.”  The interesting thing about “thank you” is that people don’t often notice when we say it.  However, they notice when we don’t.  A “thank you” costs us nothing and can help people feel appreciated, a key to employee engagement.
  3. Point out the impact of actions when possible. So many people have no idea how what they do makes a difference.  Understanding how tasks, even routine tasks, impact an organization’s success is a key to employee engagement.  People need to know that what they do matters, even if what they do seems small.  When you catch people in the act of doing something right or say thank you, consider adding an impact statement.  Thank you for all the detail in this report.  That sure helps us at audit time.

Regardless of your job-title or position in the organization, you can leverage these 3 very simple communication tools to do your part to enhance employee engagement.  And, the added benefit is, when we help others feel more engaged, we become more engaged ourselves!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have any simple communication strategies that you use to enhance employee engagement?  Are there strategies your leader uses that are effective?  Post a comment and let me know.

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