Communicating Solutions that Garner Support

by communication skills expert Pamela Jett, CSP

We’ve all been given the advice to give our bring our leadership solutions, not problems.  And yet, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate those solutions in a polished, professional way.  Here is a simple 3 step process anyone can use at any level to communicate solutions in a powerful way.

1.  Situation – Succinctly and clearly describe the current situation or problem.  It’s not necessary to go into too much detail – a simple overview or a definitive statement will do.

2.  Solution – Describe your proposed solution to the situation.  Use powerful words such as “solution,” “plan,” or “answer” and again, keep it brief.

3.  Support – Ask a closing question designed to get their support such as “do I have your support on this?”

When we use this simple 3 step process, we are communicating with clarity, brevity, and impact.

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